S$#T! School’s Almost Out

I remember four years ago, not being able to sleep before I came to Fordham for the first time. Now, as many of my lasts at Fordham are approaching, I am finding that seem uneasy stomach I had as an 18 year old, those same sleepless nights, and quite frankly, a lot of sadness. It is important for me to remember though, and all of you, that this is not the end. Hey, I am not practicing what I am preaching, but boy do I wish I could. My friends are mostly staying in New York. I will likely see them often.  I will come back and visit Fordham often. It’s not that that I am sad about. It’s the change. It’s that my routine is being broken. So, yes, I will just need to find a new routine, but that’s not the point. What will be my new Mugz’s? Who’s going to be my new work friends? Worse! What if I don’t like any of them? OY. I can’t think about this anymore. So for the time being, I am going to enjoy my last few days of being stupid, being silly, and sharing laughs.


Diploma Shiplma


The End Is Upon Us….

Spring has sprung! The days filled with music, brews, friends, and the quad are now almost a regular thing. Leaving behind the cold tall boy to make it to class seems like a feat. But with all the sunny days comes the realization that graduation is right around the corner and time is coming to an end. It’s sad to think about, and as much as I have tried to avoid the thought and forget about it, the reality is that it is here. Yesterday I sat on Eddie’s watching my friends toss a rugby ball, have a catch with the football, the girls and I laying around and observing how “college” we really were being and I got sad. Sad that I would be leaving behind this chapter yet excited to start a new one. It made me start to think, what do I really want out of these next few weeks? I am going to search for the answer for that in the next few days, and I will get back to you soon….

Spring Cleaning

So, my friends, it is that time of year again when spring-cleaning goes into full effect. However, this year is different cause I am just not just cleaning out my closet, but also my friends.  With 46 days left until graduation I am so far over the petty bullshit that I thought I left behind in high-school, but clearly I haven’t four years later.  I am equally at fault, but why, WHY, is college just a bigger version of high school? The rumors, the drama, the gossip, the cliques, and don’t get me wrong, I am smack dab in the middle of it all. But imagine this: we have grown up issues now. The problems don’t start because Kelly bought the same jean skirt as Rebecca at Nordstrom. The problems now start because Catherine hooked up with Dana’s boyfriend. So really, when is this going to end? I am alone on this or do other groups of girls have the same problems? Maybe it’s just my dysfunctional friends who I love to death, or love to hate, but I am trying to get a grasp on all this. So if you have any ideas, please share. 

Senior Nights & Decision’s….

As every senior night approaches more quickly than the previous, my best friends and I turn to our group chat to discuss what we are going to be. The theme’s are always so fun to plan for and decide what you want to wear or who you want to be, but boy, does a lot of effort go into deciding on what to be.

The girls and I had a really difficult time with this month’s theme, 90’s throwback. We went around and around in circles of what to be: 90’s rappers, the cast of the Rugrats, Christopher Columbus (he was from 1492), and a ton of others. Whenever we would start to decide what to be, we would somehow get off topic and end up talking about something else.

Finally, on the Tuesday night before that Thursday’s senior night, as we gathered around a few beers I finally said that we had to decide once and for all. Within minutes, we decided what we wanted to be and all shared laughs and stories about our memories with a favorite 90’s toy of all of ours.

It isn’t really that shocking, but it was too ironic. that we were able to come up with an amazing idea in 5 minutes over some beers in one of our favorite bars, yet for two weeks (!!!) we couldn’t think of a freakin’ thing! Guess it goes to show you, beer makes the brain grow stronger. 

2’s, 4’s, and 6’s…

So here is my theory. Take it or leave it. Girls in groups of any size all bring different quirks, and problems, and drama. It’s hard to appease six people in any situation, and its even harder to make six girls happy who all have their own opinion (and strong may I add). Someone is always not going to be happy and wishing they were something else. This is what starts drama in groups of friends most of the time. Now, don’t get m wrong, I love all six of my best girlfriends, but its always hard to make everyone excited for the next plan. 
Girls I’m groups of four are another story. Normally, all four can agree on something to do and where we all want to go. Four is a great number, in that nobody feels left out or over powered, and everyone has a desire to be at or doing what they want. 
Two. Two’s are great because this is when you really can catch up with your friend and there are no other opinions but the two or yours to decide what you want to do. 
Some of my most special memories come from hanging out in two’s or fours, but the most fun stories and the hardest laughs come from hanging out with my six best friends. So, what’s the trade off?

Planning Ahead…and Never Following Through…

Something I know for sure I am notorious for as are many of my friends is making plans and planning ahead, and I am talking way ahead. But something were also not good at is sticking to a plan. So the other day I started thinking, how can we be so good at planning, but so good at not going through with the plan. The amount of times we were going to go into the city, or go to some new bar, or, yes, go to the library and never end up making it there is astonishing. And I am not talking like the idea got into our heads and we brushed it off. Like I am talking times, days, transportation method planning. I think as senior year is dwindling down, I need to stop focus on planning so much and just live in the moment. The memories and laughs I want to have and remember from these times are the spontaneous ones, the unpredictable ones. So, while I am not giving up anything for Lent, I am going to try and stop thinking about one, two, or three weeks from today and start thinking about now. 

100 Days Until…..

It’s hard to believe that it’s finally my turn to celebrate 100 nights to graduation…but I can believe it because I have had one hell of a ride. It’s funny to think back on the first days that I had at Fordham, the friends, the memories, and laughs I once had and where I am at now (and it’s not always Mugz’s). The other day, over wine, the girls and I were reminiscing about the past four years and what a journey it’s been. From Homecoming’s to Spring Weekend’s, to our favorite Tuesday and Thursday drink-up’s we somehow forgot the most important part of this whole experience…um, school.

But I think the past four years is something more than school. It’s more about finding yourself, making it a journey to grow and become who you want to be, making friends who will last a lifetime, and most importantly, have fun. You only get four years, make it count. So, as today marks 100 days until graduation, it also marks 100 days to not have a care in the world and celebrate being young.