Matchmaking & The Eye Roll


A few nights ago, the girls and I gathered around a beer tower and some caesar salads to recap a whirlwind of days. While a lot had happened in the past 48 hours, it was something that was happening as we were sitting there that we harped on, and felt like we addressed for hours. Let’s face it; guys don’t really understand us girls. Why do guys always feel the need to play matchmakers amongst groups of girlfriends? Someone told us, “all girls give other girls dirty looks; I’m sure you guys give dirty looks.” But it wasn’t the fact that he grouped all girls together in that general statement, it was that he used that as the argument as to why we should “just be friends with them.” It was as if he was saying, they roll their eyes, and you guys roll your eyes, so why not move aside all that and be friends. Why not be friends? Because I don’t like those girls. It’s pretty simple.  Boys need to learn something; stop trying to play matchmaker amongst girls. It probably won’t end well for you, and we still won’t be friends with ‘those girls.’ The moral of the story is that when we get together, we’re making fun of your lack-of-matchmaking skills and still gossiping about the girls we don’t like. 



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