100 Days Until…..

It’s hard to believe that it’s finally my turn to celebrate 100 nights to graduation…but I can believe it because I have had one hell of a ride. It’s funny to think back on the first days that I had at Fordham, the friends, the memories, and laughs I once had and where I am at now (and it’s not always Mugz’s). The other day, over wine, the girls and I were reminiscing about the past four years and what a journey it’s been. From Homecoming’s to Spring Weekend’s, to our favorite Tuesday and Thursday drink-up’s we somehow forgot the most important part of this whole experience…um, school.

But I think the past four years is something more than school. It’s more about finding yourself, making it a journey to grow and become who you want to be, making friends who will last a lifetime, and most importantly, have fun. You only get four years, make it count. So, as today marks 100 days until graduation, it also marks 100 days to not have a care in the world and celebrate being young.


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