Planning Ahead…and Never Following Through…

Something I know for sure I am notorious for as are many of my friends is making plans and planning ahead, and I am talking way ahead. But something were also not good at is sticking to a plan. So the other day I started thinking, how can we be so good at planning, but so good at not going through with the plan. The amount of times we were going to go into the city, or go to some new bar, or, yes, go to the library and never end up making it there is astonishing. And I am not talking like the idea got into our heads and we brushed it off. Like I am talking times, days, transportation method planning. I think as senior year is dwindling down, I need to stop focus on planning so much and just live in the moment. The memories and laughs I want to have and remember from these times are the spontaneous ones, the unpredictable ones. So, while I am not giving up anything for Lent, I am going to try and stop thinking about one, two, or three weeks from today and start thinking about now. 


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