2’s, 4’s, and 6’s…

So here is my theory. Take it or leave it. Girls in groups of any size all bring different quirks, and problems, and drama. It’s hard to appease six people in any situation, and its even harder to make six girls happy who all have their own opinion (and strong may I add). Someone is always not going to be happy and wishing they were something else. This is what starts drama in groups of friends most of the time. Now, don’t get m wrong, I love all six of my best girlfriends, but its always hard to make everyone excited for the next plan. 
Girls I’m groups of four are another story. Normally, all four can agree on something to do and where we all want to go. Four is a great number, in that nobody feels left out or over powered, and everyone has a desire to be at or doing what they want. 
Two. Two’s are great because this is when you really can catch up with your friend and there are no other opinions but the two or yours to decide what you want to do. 
Some of my most special memories come from hanging out in two’s or fours, but the most fun stories and the hardest laughs come from hanging out with my six best friends. So, what’s the trade off?

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