Senior Nights & Decision’s….

As every senior night approaches more quickly than the previous, my best friends and I turn to our group chat to discuss what we are going to be. The theme’s are always so fun to plan for and decide what you want to wear or who you want to be, but boy, does a lot of effort go into deciding on what to be.

The girls and I had a really difficult time with this month’s theme, 90’s throwback. We went around and around in circles of what to be: 90’s rappers, the cast of the Rugrats, Christopher Columbus (he was from 1492), and a ton of others. Whenever we would start to decide what to be, we would somehow get off topic and end up talking about something else.

Finally, on the Tuesday night before that Thursday’s senior night, as we gathered around a few beers I finally said that we had to decide once and for all. Within minutes, we decided what we wanted to be and all shared laughs and stories about our memories with a favorite 90’s toy of all of ours.

It isn’t really that shocking, but it was too ironic. that we were able to come up with an amazing idea in 5 minutes over some beers in one of our favorite bars, yet for two weeks (!!!) we couldn’t think of a freakin’ thing! Guess it goes to show you, beer makes the brain grow stronger. 


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