Spring Cleaning

So, my friends, it is that time of year again when spring-cleaning goes into full effect. However, this year is different cause I am just not just cleaning out my closet, but also my friends.  With 46 days left until graduation I am so far over the petty bullshit that I thought I left behind in high-school, but clearly I haven’t four years later.  I am equally at fault, but why, WHY, is college just a bigger version of high school? The rumors, the drama, the gossip, the cliques, and don’t get me wrong, I am smack dab in the middle of it all. But imagine this: we have grown up issues now. The problems don’t start because Kelly bought the same jean skirt as Rebecca at Nordstrom. The problems now start because Catherine hooked up with Dana’s boyfriend. So really, when is this going to end? I am alone on this or do other groups of girls have the same problems? Maybe it’s just my dysfunctional friends who I love to death, or love to hate, but I am trying to get a grasp on all this. So if you have any ideas, please share. 


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