The End Is Upon Us….

Spring has sprung! The days filled with music, brews, friends, and the quad are now almost a regular thing. Leaving behind the cold tall boy to make it to class seems like a feat. But with all the sunny days comes the realization that graduation is right around the corner and time is coming to an end. It’s sad to think about, and as much as I have tried to avoid the thought and forget about it, the reality is that it is here. Yesterday I sat on Eddie’s watching my friends toss a rugby ball, have a catch with the football, the girls and I laying around and observing how “college” we really were being and I got sad. Sad that I would be leaving behind this chapter yet excited to start a new one. It made me start to think, what do I really want out of these next few weeks? I am going to search for the answer for that in the next few days, and I will get back to you soon….


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