S$#T! School’s Almost Out

I remember four years ago, not being able to sleep before I came to Fordham for the first time. Now, as many of my lasts at Fordham are approaching, I am finding that seem uneasy stomach I had as an 18 year old, those same sleepless nights, and quite frankly, a lot of sadness. It is important for me to remember though, and all of you, that this is not the end. Hey, I am not practicing what I am preaching, but boy do I wish I could. My friends are mostly staying in New York. I will likely see them often.  I will come back and visit Fordham often. It’s not that that I am sad about. It’s the change. It’s that my routine is being broken. So, yes, I will just need to find a new routine, but that’s not the point. What will be my new Mugz’s? Who’s going to be my new work friends? Worse! What if I don’t like any of them? OY. I can’t think about this anymore. So for the time being, I am going to enjoy my last few days of being stupid, being silly, and sharing laughs.


Diploma Shiplma


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